by thankfeldenkrais

As we forged our way ungracefully through days,
And second guessed ourselves by night,
Time weaned medication and,
The fog of sedatives began to clear from his eyes,
And in its place a spark twinkled.

And he began to shine.
An awakening.
His skin brightened to a rosy glow,
His whole face smiled,
All round cheeks and squinting eyes,
A belly laugh rolled from within him,
So infectious you couldn’t help but float on its wave.

For everything he’d been through,
Made each grin and chuckle that much more remarkable,
His resilience breathtaking,
I fell in awe of him,
Craving his strength as my own.

It was like he finally felt protected,
The reassurance of family faces,
In place of strangers.
Security of prediction verse the unexpected,
Was the longing of a child.

And for the first time,
A stretch of freedom from intervention.
And he thrived in it,
Clarity in his eyes,
Safety in his heart.

His spirit for life,
I promise to harbour,
To learn from him,
I could only be so lucky.


He had the power to light up a room.