lost in translation

by thankfeldenkrais

It’s always the team around me,
Who pull me from the depths of my despair.

Putting things back into perspective,
And helping me,
Continue to walk this path,
With a sense of purpose,
And positivity,
Or at least optimism.

And ironically,
All the questions we pose to Isaac,
In terms of his development and progress,
Apply to me,
Breaking the habitual patterns,
The vicious cycle of dominant biases,
Dictating our responses,
For me more so in my thinking,
Where for Isaac it becomes a physical manifestation.

But nevertheless,
I can still learn from him,
His sessions,
And do the best I can to lead by example,
Or at the very least,
Hold on to what those around me say,
And not lose sight on the bigger picture.

And despite my depiction compulsively sketching him walking,
What’s currently in his picture of himself,
Is now talking,
More so than ever,
As he continues to lose interest in his assistive communication app,
Opting virtually solely for spoken words,
But which are sadly more often than not,
Lost in translation.

And so the question as always,
We pose to him is,
Do you need that much effort?

The answer is invariably no.

But we then must address why excessive effort is caused,
To understand how to limit it.

And in terms of speech,
Isaac is creating massive amounts of undue effort through his neck,
Relying on his neck muscles for voice,
And for balance,
Which they should never be responsible for.

The result is voice becomes strained,
Very quiet,
And virtually impossible.

This directly links back to his limited understanding of his pelvis,
And not utilising it as a base,
Or confident in its mobility to provide the support it is designed to,
So as a strategy,
Isaac then recruits all his upper body muscle,
Dramatically including his neck,
To find that support.

And with that increased effort,
Comes a fixed pattern of upper body extension,
Where flexion,
Is virtually impossible,
As it has become so very foreign to him.

But our practitioner is determined,
To do all she can to create it,
And instill it in his repertoire.


And so flexion of the chest,
A long soft neck,
And gliding movable shoulders,
Are now paramount,
If we are to break the habits,
That are causing the extreme strain through the neck,
Preventing him from performing many upper body actions with ease,
But most importantly to Isaac at this stage,
Its hindrance to his speech.

Because he has so very much to say,
And we certainly want to hear it.