a short holiday

by thankfeldenkrais

Before I know it,
Isaac has turned five,
And suddenly looking more grown up than I dare to admit,
Yet still sporting his commendable attitude,
And infectious smile.

With a willingness,
He glides,
Into another year of being.

Having returned from a full four week break from sessions,
And despite the treat of lazy morning starts,
And a sliver-taste of freedom
His delight at the reunion is evident,
Further testament to his relationship with his practitioner,
And his positive association to therapy.

But like always off the back of time away,
Things within Isaac’s system have gone awry,
More slightly it seems the more skills he gains,
But amiss nevertheless.

And as predicted,
Suddenly those extra hours off,
Just don’t seem worth it,
As I feel my heart rate rise with the all too familiar wave of anxiety.

This time,
His pelvis mobility is all but gone,
And focus is given to refinding it.


In sitting on the therapy table,
With comfortable foot support,
He explores coming forward and back,
Tummy needs to be long,
Billowing out,
Arms forward,
Not pulling back in his default pattern,
Which can be disrupted by holding a tube and pressing it against his practitioner,
With a strong base,
And free arms,
Movement can come from the pelvis.

The emphasis on rolling forward at the pelvis,
Will furthermore correct his neck and chin,
With the least muscular contraction the better,
Giving his head the freedom of mobility we desire,
As if it’s balance on top of a stick,

This all happens from the pelvis.

And thankfully,
It is within the hour Isaac discovers his pelvis again,
And we can breath a little easier,
In knowing that all the work on his pelvis over the last five years,
Has really paid off.

Yet the chest and shoulder girdle do not release so easily,
As the lack of pelvis mobility over recent weeks,
Has further lead Isaac to efforting through his upper body,
As he continues to believe,
He needs to stabilise himself with his shoulder muscles,
The result being restricted movement,
And increased stiffness.

While the relationship between his shoulder girdle, neck and chest,
Has never been clear,
It now has become extremely foggy,
And it becomes apparent,
It is fundamental,
He stop recruiting them for all his actions.

bulldozer crawl

Bulldozer crawling helps,
Among the magic of Feldenkrais hands,
Working to release and separate his chest from his shoulder girdle,
And allowing Isaac to find a long neck,
And soft free arms.

neck work march 2016

And by the end of the hour,
The freedom in his neck is clear,
The pelvis also still mobile,
And while the shoulder girdle and chest require many more sessions,
And break the pulling-arm bias,
And the unrelenting over recruitment of upper body muscles,
We continue down the right path,
In having seen how the hard work is paying off.

Despite elements going on a short holiday,
Along with the family.