Spike the curiosity

by thankfeldenkrais


Stretching out in front of us,
Like an open commanding sea,
No end visibly insight,
Simply joining the sky,
Beyond forever.

My own sense of its magnitude,
I reason however,
Could only pale in comparison,
To how it must feel for Isaac,
To be continually directed,
Dictated to,
Piled with expectation.

And yet I learn,
From a therapist point of view,
That with therapy,
If you start from the assumption that you will teach them something,
(To what degree will depend on what that something is),
But by starting with that concept,
The child will realise they are to learn something new,
How to do things for themselves,
Spiking the curiosity,
Invoking a desire to learn even more,
And are therefore inspired further to do more for themselves,
Wanting to explore their environment,
To be liberated,
And keep the cycle of learning going.

And suddenly it doesn’t feel like therapy,
But more like a gateway to greater possibility.

New is exciting,
Different is stimulating,
Independence is freedom.

And Isaac thrives off providing him space to learn,
By showing him what else might be out there to discover.


And a very special bond is developed,
Between teacher and student,
One of mutual respect,
Filled by a zest for learning,
And a joyful anticipation for each pending session prevails,
Over any sense of resistance.

And that is how we are going to sail through this voyage.

The End of Chapter Seventeen.