information overload

by thankfeldenkrais

As we continue to incorporate patching Isaac’s left eye,
Into his therapy,
And daily routine,
In hope of bringing more awareness to his right side,
It occurred to us that despite only allowing him sight through his right eye,
If given a kaleidoscope to look into,
Or a small postal tube to look through,
He didn’t appear to actually be seeing what we were asking him to look at.

Despite Isaac’s behavioural optometrist having long since confirmed his vision in both eyes as equally accurate,
And right on age appropriate.

As we delve in further to this new speculation,
It is explained to us that vision or sight,
Is quite different to processing information,
Thus truly seeing it.

And for a right eye,
Having always been overpowered by the left eye,
It becomes highly possible that the difference between them,
Is due to the right having had less practise.

And therefore,
When asked to do the job alone,
With the left patched,
It may simply struggle with information overload.

Becoming easily overwhelmed,
And fundamentally unable to process all the information,
And virtually not seeing what’s in front of it,
Despite looking at it.

So therefore a kaleidoscope for example,
Being very busy with its multiple shapes and colours,
Various patterns,
Is too much to process,
And we should think about starting with one that only has two colours in it,
And a single shape.

Hidden picture games,
Another perfect example,
Like Where’s Wally,
Is too great a challenge for the right eye alone at this stage,
And we should consider a much simpler version,
To truly allow the right eye to start processing the information,
Of where is the object,
Distinguishing it among distractions

It is also important to eliminate any additional challenge,
Like visual-spacial awareness,
And hand eye coordination first too,
To avoid further overloading Isaac’s system,
So in a sorting block game,
Use a maximum of four or five coloured blocks,
And by first asking him to select the yellow block,
Using both eyes,
To allow the physical components of reaching,
To become settled and easier,
Then go on to patch the left eye and continue the game,
Giving the right eye its turn.

Patching the left eye then becomes a supplement during sorting tasks,
And the strain so to speak,
Or the challenge,
Doesn’t become his spatial awareness,
His ability to find,
Or pick up the block,
But about processing the information,
Thus really using his eye,
To decode which block is yellow,
Not simply where is it in space.

It’s about adding incrementally,
To the levels of information the eye/brain,
Can cope with,
And over time the games difficulty can be increased,
However always being sure to allow time for both eyes to establish the task together,
While addressing his body’s fine motor challenges,
Before patching the left.

It all comes back to the more Isaac does with his right eye,
And right side of his body,
The more positive reinforcement is received,
Sending the messages to the brain to keep increasing its ability,
As a part of himself to be used not simply for sight,
Because we already know he has the perfect vision.,
But as a tool to pass on vital information.


While once again I’m fascinated,
By the sheer number of elements that play their role,
In giving us basic fundamental independence,
And ability,
I am again overwhelmed by the pending sense of more.

More things to rectify,
More tasks to squeeze into our daily lives,
And just more knowledge loaded onto me,
Which I myself must process,
In order to give him the best shot at life.

I really start to get a true sense of the meaning,
Information overload.

And I feel like crawling under the doona,
For a big long quiet snooze.