resourceful/a perfect word

by thankfeldenkrais

And then like a gift,
We get the “t” sound for the first time post surgery,
And we all jump for joy,
Isaac fully aware of his accomplishment,
And his sense of pride rightly written all over his glowing face.

Considering his tongue has no deviation from the midline at all,
Therefore no side to side,
And very little lift to the roof of mouth,
His repertoire of speech,
Is remarkable really,
A testament to Prompt therapy,
And Feldenkrais,
But more notably to his determination,
And ingenuity,
For utilising what’s available to him.

While the confusion is apparent,
Within his system,
In thinking tongue going up,
Is throwing head back,
It is in its own way very resourceful.

And that is probably a perfect word to describe Isaac,
As he continues to find his way,
With the odds stacked up against him,
From the very start.

Our work in helping uncover more of himself,
Giving him more available to use,
Is far from over,
As we just now begin to see more clearly,
How breath plays a vital role,
And a challenge for Isaac,
How having a long neck is paramount,
To releasing the jaw and tongue,
For clarity in speech,
And how the effort he continues to exert,
As way of doing,
Is his greatest challenge of all.

And ours to rectify.

tongue work

But despite the upward climb,
As always,
We must be grateful for such willing resourcefulness,
And the type of cooperation,
Which allows us to continue to explore,
How best to support his growth and development.