be dynamic/my heart sings

by thankfeldenkrais

The second week of intensive sessions,
Shows us just how much we need Isaac to be dynamic on his feet,
The ability to release through the neck and shoulders,
Is imperative,
The capability to curl and move through the chest,
Turn at the trunk,
Are all the elements to make staying up right on feet,

It becomes the ability to correct ones position,
That stops us from falling.

And where one distributes their weight,
In order to move through space.

For Isaac,
As we get a glimpse of him using his crutches,
And walking unaided around the therapy table,
His current inability to release through he neck and shoulders,
Can be highlighted as posing restraints to his progress,
By locking the upper body through a false sense of it stabilising himself,
His chances of being dynamic,
Are eliminated.

If your shoulders don’t work,
In terms of not gliding across the shoulder blades,
Then your arms wont work,
And the idea that extending the arms starts at the head and neck,
And that arms can move independently of the trunk,
Are never discovered,
And these are fundamental factors for dynamic movement.

For Isaac having the ability to push through his hands either in crutches,
Or at the table,
In order to stabilise himself just enough,
Without freezing the chest,
Neck or head,
So he can find the optimal weight distribution,
The lightness,
And freedom,
To shift weight for walking,
While retaining the ability to move his head to look where he needs to,
Or rotate his trunk in order to turn,
Are the ultimate goals.

And while we work with him on his feet,
Practicing the reciprocal stepping with crutches,
Side stepping around the therapy table,
In both directions,
The majority of the work still comes back to curling,
Bringing hands to feet,
Rolling into sitting,
Learning how to come forward,
And how to find that freedom through the shoulder girdle,
Where to position his head,
How to soften through the neck,
And how to drop his chest into an at ease position.


But I’ll never tire of seeing him standing tall,
And proud,
As he strides with confidence,
Up the orange brick path,
With his bright yellow crutches,
And determination loud across his face.

As I see not just how far he’s come,
But just how far,
Is possible,
For him still to go.

And it makes my heart sing.

The End of Chapter Fifteen.