heavy layer of optimism and possibility (all in an eye-patch)

by thankfeldenkrais

As we move through the first week of intensive sessions,
Isaac’s new found freedom continues to be explored,
With promise.

And by quieten everything down again,
Our practitioner can gain greater comprehension,
Of what is happening within Isaac’s system,
To really capitalise on improving his organisation.

With rolling having remained a strong focus,
Since the beginning,
I can finally appreciate just how imperative it is to progress,
And why we have continued to preserver with it consistently,
Aiming for more fluidity,
Greater efficiency,
A broader rolling-repertoire,
As remarkably I am suddenly witness to,
Isaac rolling from lying to sitting on the therapy table virtually unaided.

The understanding about where his head needs be,
In order to lead his body forward,
In a effortless curling of the upper body,
The weight distribution through the right shoulder,
Followed by the arm,
All the while anchoring through the pelvis with confident weight-shift,
Is extraordinary.

It is so controlled.


Elegant to watch.

And I see his enjoyment through every inch,
In which he gains with ease.


And I feel pride surge through me,
Flooding my veins like a hit for addiction,
Because I know he never would have achieved this instinctively,
The is pure learning,
At its best.

And we made this reality.

And like always the sessions,
Organically shift from one exploration,
To another,
As the learning continues,
And our practitioner expertly plays her musical strings harmoniously.

A long tummy in sitting,
Previously delved into although an understanding,
Not yet gluing to Isaac’s organisation,
Is vital just as rolling is,
To make available the act of coming forward,
Another tune that goes around the turntable on repeat.
So the dowel is out again,
As he grows taller and smaller,
Through the middle of himself,
While rowing away merrily.


And once more we see how the best use of Isaac’s arms occur while lying on his back,
Preventing his shoulders from chicken-winging,
Allowing his body to be at relative rest,
Neck long,
Head at ease,
As he climbs each hand alternatively up the stick.

(All in an eye-patch).

And while I am forever inundated by the sheer mass,
Of to-dos,
This phase feels excitingly different,
With a real sense of direction,
And weighed down only by a heavy layer of optimism,
And possibility.

And by curtain-close of our first five consecutive sessions,
I’m left with a fresh influx of hope,
As Isaac does the best supported walking with his crutches,
To date,
Demonstrating the closest to independent walking,
We’ve ever seen.