everything has changed

by thankfeldenkrais

Day two of intensive we patch Isaac’s left eye,
Which fell to the wayside somewhere amid the heavily laden life program,
As more seemingly pressing focus areas came to light,
But once back on,
We are stopped in our path,
By the sheer instantaneous response his system demonstrates.

To the point we question if we are in fact seeing what we’re seeing.

Suddenly his right arm is relaxed,
His hand is open,
And the ease in which he uses it,
Is mind blowing.

It is immediately,
And undeniably,

He’s taking weight on it,
Grabbing things,
Is releasing through his whole chest,
Turning his head to the left.

Our practitioner and I,
Staring at each other,
Giddy with a kind of disbelief,
Hand over mouth holding back shrieks of surprise.

For a moment like this,
Where the theory behind it has been contemplated,
Explored through the method of Feldenkrais,
And yet never experienced in such rapid change of awareness,
Such sudden increase in function,
Is nothing short of exceptional.

And cements for me,
Without a shred of doubt,
That to improve our ability,
Which are behaviours embedded in our nervous system,
We cannot simply look at it from a purely physical structural standpoint.

But instead we must use a process of organic learning, movement, and sensing to free you from habitual patterns and allow for new patterns of thinking, moving and feeling to emerge”

And in Isaac’s case,
By breaking the pattern of only using the left eye,
Opens up a new sense of awareness,
And certainly a freedom to utilise a relatively unused part of himself.


And by day three the use of his right side continues to be markedly improved,
Right down to his feet,
Which soon we recognise,
And is probably the greatest most significant organisational change to date,
Is where he now holds his head,
By being instantly in a different place,
Everything has changed.