identify specifically

by thankfeldenkrais

We plough on with our sessions,
Optimising the now increased softness from Botox,
Which has again exposed weaknesses,
Yet in doing so given answers to certain reasons why,
Isaac is tending to do,
Some of the things he does in movement.

Once more I see,
Just how identifying what is missing,
Is actually the key,
To unlocking greater function,
That can be found.

It’s never simply about saying,
Oh that’s his Cerebral Palsy,
That’s because of high-tone.

Because the truth is,
We can problem solve,
Our way around a problem,
If we can identify specifically what the problem is.

Pushing weight down through his feet,
Has consistently been something unfamiliar for Isaac,
Which we know is related to his use of pelvis,
His inability to weight-shift,
And lack of understanding where his spine is,
Or how to use it.
So bridging with a pushing up action from the pelvis,
As weight goes down evenly through his feet,
Is a fantastic way to approach learning these things.
And Isaac is surprisingly receptive to it,
With guidance raising his pelvis up and down with ease.


With a persevering tightness in Isaac’s upper body,
From a sense of needing to squeeze it for stability,
A tightness through his shoulder and neck which he holds locked during talking,
Or fine motor play,
In his vigor to try really hard,
Was identified very early on,
But pestering us in its persistence.

But our practitioner is thrilled,
That for the first time ever,
Isaac allowed her to work with his head and neck,
Releasing the neck and shoulders,
Something she’d been trying to do for many years,
To no avail.

A calmness fills the therapy room,
And a magical sense of purpose engulfs us all.

And gentle relaxation continues as Isaac explores moving from side to side,
From a base,
Which is his bottom,
Allowing the pelvis to stay planted as he shifts.

And there is a real turning point,
Very apparent with his right arm use,
As we discover it has been his inability to weight shift to the left side,
Which has limited its function.
Not because he simply has more tone in his right arm.
And there are ways to rectify it,
Through teaching,
Through awareness,
And so for now a shortening, bending on the left side,
To free his right arm is sufficient,
As a step towards weight-shift,
But in time we will refine it to a turning and shoulder glide release action.
A far cry from his current sense of needing to pull the arm to make it work.

And then of course all calmness evaporates,
As our attention turns to activating his quads,
And a raucous game of kicking in sitting,
With shrieks of laughter,
And many mischievous aims.

His smile,
And his joy,
Is infectious.

And while part of me once again is slightly deflated,
That this round of Botox didn’t miraculously allow Isaac to get up and walk,
The other part of me is not at all surprised,
Because as the sessions tick by,
I understand more and more,
Just how walking is not simply about the legs.

And I have to be happy for what the Botox has once more allowed us to see,
What it has exposed,
And therefore given by way of answers,
And understanding,
As to where our next step in his progress needs to be taken.

And it doesn’t have to be big,
Or via his feet,
It just needs to be in the right direction.