doesn’t come naturally/learn it

by thankfeldenkrais

It’s a few days of glazed stares,
And droopy attention,
Before Isaac emerges from the fog,
Of a Midazolam overdose.

And the assault on his system is fierce.

Exposing once again,
Just how much reorganisation is required post Botox injections,
And this time with the added affront of too much amnesic medication.

It is evident just how unstable he is now feeling,
As his right arm throws spasm,
Pulling back behind him,
To counter balance himself,
A classic default action we’ve been working so successfully to overcome.

And it takes two weeks to let everything settle,
Until the the Botox is in full swing,
And we are back on track,
Isaac with his smile back on his face,
And a clear glint of determination in his eye.

First thing that becomes apparent,
Is the need for him to relearn to activate his hamstrings in stepping,
To pull his leg back in stepping,
And swing it forward to land the step.
Which has been lost to a hip thrusting throwing action,
In an attempt to somewhat flick the leg forward to step.

And what also presents itself in need of focus,
Is coming forward from the pelvis,
As Isaac’s leaning backwards far too much in sitting.
And so with feet planted,
Arms held out in forward to stop any chance of a pulling action,
He comes forward from the pelvis,
Laughing and joking as he pushes our practitioner away from him,
In a game which after a few attempts sees him initiating the action beautifully.


He also gets to a point where a leg can be raised,
Out in front of him,
While coming forward,
And retaining his stability.


But as always the session is not limited to these,
But is the start of an hour of taking us in many directions towards addressing areas of restriction,
And most importantly identifying them.

It becomes clear that Isaac still doesn’t think he needs his legs in standing,
Insisting on totally leaning against the therapy table,
Relying solely on his upper body to keep him up-right.

And this is more about where his weight is being distributed,
Than anything to do with the behaviour or his actual legs or feet.

There is a connection that needs to be established with his head,
To be able to know where his spine is,
To be able to come up and down in height through the head,
Or forward and back,
Whether in sitting or standing.
Babies with typical nervous systems do this effortlessly,
As they raise up and down in excitement,
While in sitting,
Which is initiated from them knowing exactly where their spine is in relation to their head.

And once you understand where your spine is,
And is connected to your head,
You can effectively weight shift,
Which also is still unclear for Isaac,
Because W sitting still dominates as a position for him,
It continues to prevent weight shifting from being possible.
So the laughter begins again,
As he’s shown to weight-shift over his pelvis with crossed over legs,
In fun dainty little shifts and turns.


Explored further in side sitting,
And coming forward in side sitting,
Which is connecting head to spine,
Is about coming forward from the pelvis,
And shifting weight correctly.


And is continued with rolling,
Over a side that remains long,
And is coming forward,
Leading by the head.

It’s a session of action,
As we continue to fill in Isaac’s missing pieces,
And explore how to best help him to connect to his system.

It show’s me just how many ways there are to teach weight-shift,
Coming forward,
Connecting to the head,
And understanding where your spine is,
And just how imperative they are for movement.

And as I now see so clearly,
If something doesn’t come naturally,
You can learn it,
If given half a chance.

(Thank Feldenkrais!)