built in novelty

by thankfeldenkrais

I begin to understand more clearly,
Why we do such a varied array of activities with Isaac,
With the same underlying intent,
Or goals.

Brain plasticity relies on novelty.

And the Feldenkrais Method,
Is a mastery of built-in novelty.

To me,
Who is meticulous for organisation,
Isaac’s therapy demands,
Feels like a constant juggling act,
Where I’m falling over my feet to keep all the balls in the air,
All the while someone is throwing in additional balls I am meant to catch,
And work seamlessly into the already near impossible trick.

But in fact,
It is ordered chaos,
To stimulate new learning.

For our brains are easily bored,
We readily find ourselves on autopilot,
Where we’ve become so accustomed to a certain task,
Skill or activity,
That we virtually no longer register the process,
Or the doing of the act itself.

And it’s detrimental to continual learning,
And an honest tragedy for the potential of our extraordinary nervous system.

However compromised,
Due to brain injury or not.

For Feldenkrais,
Novelty is found within the activity itself,
The environment the task is being performed (surface of ground/ other kids around/ no kids around/ inside/outside),
And the orientation of how you do the activity (sitting/standing/lying down).

And so by altering one or more of these elements at a time,
During the desired activity/skill acquisition of focus,
It provides enough novelty that the brain is more inclined to sit up and pay attention,
Be stimulated by the excitement of something new and different,
Because it wants to retain it,
Or master it,
In case it is called upon again to perform it at a later date.

And because it is in our inherit nature to keep learning.

While professionals like Norman Doidge and of course Feldenkrais himself,
Explain it more elegantly and accurately,
This is how I can now best understand,
How and why it feels like a circus act,
With all the costume changes,
And slightly different encore performances.

So the nervous system can recognise it’s learning.

To promote the fact body and mind are not separated in learning,
That a static model approach for acquiring change is futile,
And the potential is greater than we ever though possible in the past,
So long as the method is education with innovation.


And I for one,
Am seeing the benefits of doing so,
In Isaac,
Every single day.