the wonderment worth celebrating

by thankfeldenkrais

The highs of great achievement,
Is a buzz like no other,
Craving the next big gain,
The grand gesture,
That take him to the next level,
And me to my most positive place.

But the true miracles,
I realise through the fatigue of another day,
Is in the everyday,
The days without spectacle,
Without show-stopping advances,
But the consistency of dedicated learning.

The day in and day out,
Of session upon session,
Tackled with a smile on his face,
A determination in his eye,
And the willingness to keep going.

With new activities,
To address old biases,
Or familiar games,
To explore uncovered obstacles,
He learns,
He plays,
He embraces.

He rows a boat with a dowel oar,
To come forward and back across his pelvis,
And climbs the vertical oar to stand,
Or walks it upwards and down with his alternating hands,
To reach new heights.

Slowly he sits to stand to activate the quads,
Always utilising his ability to come forward from the head,
Allowing it to lead the way,
Lengthening through the neck and stomach.

Finding the length through his right side,
Which continues to want to shorten,
By reading that favourite Spot book,
In side-sitting,
Right arm coming forward,
And a long right side of trunk.

Find two-handed play,
On his back,
Where effort can be eliminated,
And his hands are easily accessible to him,
While at the same time,
Hip rotation is explored,
And notably free,
And feet find a flexed position effortlessly.

In standing with weight distributed well,
Upper body slightly forward,
Pressure goes nicely through his feet,
And an uncharacteristically tall rotation of the chest follows,
As he freely turns to the left and then the right.

He moves from child’s pose,
To sitting,
With a lowering of the pelvis,
Rather than a thrusting up of the head and back,
Arriving at an elegantly narrow knee and foot position,
Stability found with ease.


All these little things addressed,
And acted upon daily,
Incorporated into his everyday,
Are what become the sum total of his progress.

The note-worthy steadiness of regular practice,
Exploration of the body,
And mind.

This is the wonderment worth celebrating.