look mummy look

by thankfeldenkrais

Then on a lovely cool autumn day,
As I’m standing at the kitchen sink,
Washing up,
Isaac sings out behind me,
Look mummy look..

And as I casually turn to see,
What has spiked his urgency,
There he is,
Sitting up on his bottom,
In the middle of the kitchen floor,
All by himself.


Knowing full well,
The enormity of his achievement,
By the smile across his face,
And the pride in his soft slurred voice.

Leaving me momentarily frozen,
In wonderment,
And love.

Awash with pure admiration,
Giddy with shock,
And happiness.

And suddenly I’m light with purpose,
Worth every hour of therapy gone,
Worth every piece of angst,
And fallen heart still to come.

Not just for the momentous gain in physicality,
But for the independence he owned,
The pure satisfaction,
Written all over his gleaming face,
That spontaneously working himself,
Into this position,
And succeeding,
Has given him.

Worth more than any of the words,
In the English language,
That I am able to find.

Isaac you amaze me.

The end of Chapter Fourteen.