the process of problem solving

by thankfeldenkrais

Another session,
Another chance to be refuelled,
By the positivity of what a trained Feldenkrais eye can see,
A helping hand to put into perspective,
All the wonderful pieces to the puzzle,
That Isaac is seemingly putting together,
Over time.

In high kneeling,
He now maintains his balance almost effortlessly,
With narrow knees and feet,
Using the relationship with his hip flexors and extensors expertly,
And with a softness in his upper body,
Allowing him rotation in his chest,
And no sign of throwing his right shoulder back into extension.

The narrow knees also offering up,
The possibility of side sitting,
By allowing his bottom to shift either side over his leg,
Now he’s found such great control,
And mobility,
Without a splayed base.


There is a way with Feldenkrais Method,
That focuses on how to bring the work,
Or the learning,
Into the everyday,
So that no opportunity is wasted,
And so becomes the tonic we crave,
To keep us going,
To make life feel sustainable,
Spark desired optimism,
Splash us with refreshment,
And fill us with hope,
Rather than a therapy of punishment,
An undesirable must,
To either Isaac,
Or to us.

In the simplest of things,
Benefits are found,
And opportunities ceased.

Like taking off  his shoes in curled flexion,
Allowing him to explore the laces,
To pull at the tongue,
Because he needs to learn flexion,
And we need his shoes removed,
But also because he strives for independence,
And this skill is useful for him daily.

And so the opportunity is created,
So he is,
Always helping,
Always learning.


And perhaps most importantly of all,
Is the process of problem solving,
And Feldenkrais was a master at it,
And so his legacy lives on,
Imparting his brilliance still,
Via our practitioner who can look at Isaac in standing,
See him clenching his knees together desperately,
And make the connection between his greater movement in his upper body,
(As he’s now reaching further with improved turning of the trunk),
And an increase in demand on his system.
Which therefore has him seeking a more stable base,
And achieving it by pulling his legs in tightly for security.
Although not ideal,
Is actually a very clever strategy,
Solving his immediately problem.

And there’s always positives to be found,
As despite the clenched legs,
His pelvis is really free to turn and move.

And by knowing why he’s doing something,
Provides us with the platform for problem solving,
How to give him other options,
For the stability he’s searching for.


And I am grateful for another moment,
Where the long road with Feldenkrais,
Feels like the only road we should be on,
With Isaac.

(And another silent prayer of thanks goes out)