otherwise occupied

by thankfeldenkrais

As we fast approach yet another birthday,
It also becomes apparent that Isaac himself,
Wants to go a million miles an hour.

He has no concern for the quality of his movement,
He just wants to do.

And the harder he tries to do,
The more he squeezes,
And the more he squeezes,
The less he can move,
And achieve.

He cannot yet put the puzzle pieces together,
That the more effort,
And thrusting he uses,
The less his speech,
And walking obliges.

And while we would love to recalibrate the importance of his movements,
It must also be important to him,
And while it isn’t,
All we can do,
Is caplitalise on what we can,
At opportune times.

And help quieten the system,
The best we can.

While it’s a repeating theme,
What’s still missing is activating his flexor muscles,
So we must continue to teach him how to curl and shorten his front,
So when he moves he doesn’t squeeze with his legs,
In attempt to find support and stability.

Thankfully we can still engage him in play,
While seeking flexion,
Once straddles over our practitioners leg,
Arms onto the table in front,
Feet to the floor,
We suddenly see Isaac changing the shape of his chest and neck himself beautifully,
His hips are free,
He’s alternating arms with a soft curled chest,
As he reaches for a toy,
Without throwing his shoulders back,
Having no arms stuck in tension.


And we again realise just how possible it is to achieve,

We need prolonged standing,
But in a frame that doesn’t allow him to throw into extension,
Firing the already wildly dominant back muscles.
Instead giving him opportunity to soften the back,
Discover his leg and flexor muscles,
And how they can play their role,
In helping him be upright.

We re-instill the possibility of side sitting,
To find the flexion,
And pelvis mobility again.


We need to bring back rolling,
All the time,
On the trampoline,
The floor,
In bed,
This is how Isaac will get to sitting on his own.

All generating a freedom flow-on effect,
A softening,
A quieting of the body,
Through utilising the muscles in their intended way,
Instead of continuing to over recruit the muscles he’s become familiar with.

And once more,
To grow his self image.
To include front flexor muscles,
And feet.


And the recurring themes certainly do pay off,
When I get to see the real results.

And as best we can,
We will fit into,
Isaac’s current otherwise occupied mentality,
And repeat,