he’s ready

by thankfeldenkrais

And then the day arrives,
Sporting his red uniform tee,
His staple neck-scarf,
And his trademark infectious smile,
He walkers himself with his yellow ride,
Into his first day of Preschool.

While I am a bundle of nerves,
And excess emotion,
Isaac is confident,
And brave.

Teachers and students alike,
Flock to him,
With affection,
And interest,
Which I see fills him with pride,
And confidence,
Rather than my common default of distrust,
Or annoyance.

There is curiosity,
But not judgement.

And while the surroundings have not been modified according to our specs,
Or a purpose built toilet installed as stipulated,
The chair for him is only temporarily borrowed,
And no allocated disabled parking space was made,
I force myself not to overshadow this momentous occasion,
With the disappointment,
And the overwhelming feeling of being let down,
And angry.
I don’t want to take this moment away from him,
A moment which he’s embracing with wide open arms,
With excitement,
And giddy anticipation.

Tables filled with play-dough of every colour,
Story books and activities as far as the eye can see,
Mobiles and murals brightening every corner,
It’s like a fairy-tale wonderland,
Of fun,
And new adventure.

And with his blatant insistence,
I force my goodbye,
Still uneasy,
Still filled with doubt,
Finding it hard to walk away.

But those worries are all my own.

With one last glance back,
His face plastered with happiness,
And his eyes yelling,
Get outta here mum!

I take my leave.


He’s ready.

For a whole new chapter of his life,
To hurry up and begin.

The End of Chapter Thirteen.