more comfortably in possible

by thankfeldenkrais

I begin to see the beauty in almost,
As it symbolises possibility.

And I can sit much more comfortably in possible,
Than impossible.

And sitting on his bottom,
Is one such possibility now within Isaac’s reach,
Previously too challenging,
And therefore spasm inducing,
With excess effort,
Now is in sight,
And we begin to strongly encourage.

Showing him it can be pleasurable,
A place to relax.

Using walls behind him,
Or another person,
Legs out in front easily,
Or freely moving between crossed legs,
Or side sitting.

And by adding in a fun,
Arm game,
Of punching out with alternating arms,
Or raising arms high above his head,
It aids his ability to sit further,
By him enjoying being there,
But also by extending the arms,
Right from the shoulders,
Releasing the upper back,
Creating a softness in his body,
Curling with a lovely ease,
Making coming forward possible,
Freeing his pelvis into anterior tilt,
And therefore finding his true sit bones.

sitting_arms_jan 2015.JPG

And I am reminded again,
Of the small achievements,
The ones that all add up,
And just how much possibility is yet undecided,
And the more almost’s we face,
Only helps us get closer,
To an end goal.

And that end goal,
Is never ending gains.