by thankfeldenkrais

One of the things we begin to notice,
Is the undue effort required for Isaac to manoeuvre his R82 Crocodile walker,
With its bulky frame,
And unpredictable wheel swivel.

And the added challenge of it being a posterior device,
Making a transition from seated to walker,
Or crawling to walker,
A complex feat,
As he’s required to turn himself around in standing,
In an unfixed frame,
Before taking off.

And like everything Isaac,
I become an expert in research,
Being thrust into a never ending hunt,
For the right apparatus,
To solve a seemingly never ending array of challenges,
To better his function,
His participation,
His life
My life.

But all the while,
Sitting in uncertainty,
Never being truly sure if you’ve hit jackpot,
As it’s all a trial and error game,
Which only time will expose its consequence.

I find myself living in a realm of almost,
With my arms outstretched into ideals,
Of equipment,
Tools and toys,
Manifesting designs to answers his practical and developmental needs,
His ability to partake,
And thrive.

But all the while my feet,
Are left trailing behind,
In reality,
Where very little is available,
Beyond a standardised set of equipment items,
And a single formula for functional expectations,
Sitting predominantly outside of what we see to be helpful,
Some mind-boggling in (over) design and (lack of) function –
Hindering more,
Than they help.

And so with the guidance of our practitioner,
We pose the questions,
And think outside the box.

And are willing to keep trying,
Until what we find,
Is better than what we’ve got.

A light weight,
Posterior Kaye walker,
Is one piece we acquire for loan,
And with a few easy modifications,
Of switching the legs around,
Covering the slides with strips of fabric so they glide across the floor more easily,
We instantly see a better version of Isaac’s walkering.

With no clenched shoulder,
His weight coming forward onto his feet,
Keeping his arms long and soft,
While putting pressure through them well.


Yet while we’re ecstatic we branched out,
To address the issue of effort,
And have immediately improved his gait,
We’re still left,
Only almost there.

For the Kaye walker poses restrictions of its own,
Limited to an indoor walker,
Due to the surfaces it can tolerate,
And having very little ability for directional change.

And yet we are still faced with life,
With preschool starting,
Him needing something,
So the R82 remains,
Despite its compromises,
Because so far we’ve found nothing else,
To fill its place.


A foggy place to exist.

r82 2015 walkering.JPG