it stems from love/but it takes guts

by thankfeldenkrais

As we finish the year,
With our very first Special Children’s Christmas party,
Which while I still haven’t come to terms with fitting into the category to attend,
And one I may never fully accept,
I am thankful for the opportunity given to Isaac,
From a community with strong positive values,
For giving,
And recognition for those in need.

And as I face the fear,
Of open-ended months without our practitioner,
I am optimistic for the year of possibilities,
Ahead of us.

Proud of everything Isaac has achieved thus far,
And despite the battle against myself’s perfectionism,
And mountain-high expectations,
I know I couldn’t have done anymore,
Than what I did.

Amidst the rush of life,
In the rat-race of early intervention,
It is easy,
And likely that we forget,
To be kind to ourselves,
To cherish our own successes,
And be proud of the purpose,
We lead in bettering someone else’s well-being,
And giving them the possibility of a brighter future.

It stems from love,
But it takes guts.

So this Christmas,
I am going to give myself the gift,
Of time-out,
From the mental game,
From the lists of activities,
From the guilt,
And enjoy moments unfolding,
With my family,
My Isaac,
Even if it only lasts one day.

Because after all,
Life needs to be about more,
Than what someone can or cannot do.

And as Santa sprinkles Isaac with amazement,
Blessing us as true angels of the earth,
For all we do for him,
My usual cynic self,
Who’d scoff at the sentiment,
Leaving me misty eyed,
Touched that it doesn’t all go unnoticed.

And I found myself,
Walking away with my head held a little higher.


For our job matters,
It’s more important than we would ever give ourselves credit for,
And it isn’t overlooked,
Even if it is a stranger in a red suit with a long white beard,
Telling you so.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The End of Chapter Twelve.