the universe knows

by thankfeldenkrais

When the build up,
Seems to be heading for inevitable implosion,
The universe knows,
Just how to deliver,
To reset my limits.

All in the timing,
To help regroup,
And assist with the ever increasing demands,
Ever changing needs,
And provide relief from the ever weighty financial burden,
That comes with disability.

This particular time,
In the form of an early Christmas present,
To Isaac,
From the Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation,
His first ever walker,
All his very own,
The R82 Crocodile.

While our walker trial endeavours,
Did not answer to all of Isaac’s needs,
Give him quite the mobility we were aiming for,
In terms of stability,
And confidence,
While optimising his gait,
And minimising his effort,
As well as being practical across a range of surfaces,
For now this was the best of the bunch,
And is symbolic of possibility.

And once again,
The timing is spot on.

Post Botox.

The end of a busy,
Productive year.

And right when we feel,
He’s eager,
And ready,
To get up on those skinny,
Beautiful little legs of his,
And get moving within his community.


And beyond all else,
Because of the smile bright across his face,
This gift has sparked,
To the Lion’s Club,
We say thank you,
From the bottom of our hearts.