skips in the beat which lead his dance

by thankfeldenkrais

While it will take some time for the overdosing effects of the botox to subside,
My anxiety is now somewhat at bay,
And the aim is to capitalise on what it is allowing.

And predominantly that will be keeping Isaac out of the organisations which he has developed,
Due to having no other option –
Those that are counterproductive –
Notably his weight only being in the middle of himself.

So we must prioritise side sitting,
To encourage shifting his weight from one side of himself to the other,
And back again,
To outline that there are many orientations where he can bear weight,
And feel stable,
And thus be more effective functionally,
As by finding options in weight-bearing,
It is predominantly about making light and free the area not taking the weight –
And therefore be available to do.

And in standing show him he doesn’t need to keep his weight in the middle,
Which results in his knees being bent inwards and sinking,
But rather shifting weight from one leg to the other,
Allowing the idea that he is capable of landing to one side,
To take his weight,
And lifting the other leg to step, kick or swing.

One of the best outcomes we’ve seen post botox,
Is Isaac’s ability to lengthen the right side of his body,
Which prior to injections was insistent on side bending,
Thus shortening,
In order to do almost all his chosen movements.

And by finding this length the possibilities open up,
One of note being when climbing,
He can bring the right leg through under his hip,
As he ascends the stairs,
For it is no longer jammed down by the folding of the right side of his torso,
Making it virtually impossible to have it move anywhere.

And in turn,
Train the left side of his body to weight-bear,
Which has never been a recognised option,
Due to the organisation of the right side bending dominantly,
And being somewhat locked into the stabilising role.

We focus on sit to stand,
Where the key is Isaac’s weight coming forward,
Leaning forward,
With arms reaching or rather sliding out in front of him,
To break the idea that coming to standing is a pulling action,
Of the arms, shoulders, chest and neck.
So we introduce the idea of horse reigns to take out the strategy of using the shoulders to pull up,
And instead help rock from the pelvis as the axis point to come forward from,
And allowing the belly to lengthen and come forward as well.

We promote turning the trunk,
With his new found length in the right side now allows,
As we continue to breakaway from the side bending default pattern,
Ensuring that the rotation occurs in the going in and out of the action,
Both directions,
So in turning to the right  – allowing the weight shift onto the right buttock,
And then back onto the left on the turn back –
The reversibility always key for any movement.

So I start to see more clearly,
How functioning,
Is the sum of all the tiny weight-shifts.
That movement itself,
Is a dance of weight-bearing,
And the more fluid the dance,
The greater the ability to time and place your weight.

And in essence,
Isaac has skips in the beat,
Which lead his dance,
And botox may just allow the music to keep playing,
Long enough to teach him the lyrics he’s not yet heard.

And once the botox wears off,
He’ll know the song by heart,
And his dance will flow.

Chapter Eleven pause.