play his way

by thankfeldenkrais

While I’m forced to play Isaac’s game,
As he flexes his authority,
He always has this incredible way of providing the evidence I need,
To breathe a little easier,
In knowing I am doing everything I possibly can,
And that despite a feeling of losing structure,
Being slightly tilted off a comfortable routine,
Good things are happening.

And seemingly right on queue,
To reiterate an understanding of self,
Of wanting to assert himself,
With hand on chest he says “I”.

I for Isaac.

I am here,
I can do it,
Let me try,
It’s my turn now.

And so he does.

It starts at the car every morning,
As he can now pull himself forward in his car seat,
To help wiggle his way forward,
The beginnings of learning to get himself out of the car.

He walks up the path assisted to each session,
Maximising opportunity,
Giving him reason to walk,
To side step,
A chance to lead the way.

A fantastic weight-shifting in standing is becoming more evident,
And so much so that for the first time he stood momentarily alone at the therapy table,
Distributing his weight across each leg beautifully.

While coming up to high kneeling still has Isaac exert too much effort as he pushes through the tops of his feet and shins,
We are able to show him how by narrowing his legs,
And propelling from the hips and bottom,
With a coming-forward motion,
Is more effective,
Uses minimal effort –
And he responds.
This translates to sit to stand – hips and bottom moving forward then up.
The key to break away from a pull to stand with a trailing lower half.
Imperative to progressing to the next stage.

He drinks from a two-handed cup by himself,
As if all of a sudden deciding,
I can do this.

He begins to play hide-n-seek with objects,
Thinking it’s absolutely hilarious,
And displaying a new understanding of moving objects in relation to each other and himself –
Which is incredibly reassuring,
As his ability to recognise the orientation of himself to objects had been of some concern,
Until now opting to move himself around to better position himself to the object,
Rather than manipulating the object to a better angle in order to pick it up, or push it to where he wanted it.

I can see him relax into feeling in-control,
In having the chance to be himself,
Give us the element of surprise,
Play tricks,
Be mischievous,
Play his way.

While not compromising on the learning,
For somethings are too important,
We continue to interject better patterns,
In order to create more options,
And a greater choice in movement,
Choosing our moments opportunely,
As to not intervene too greatly in his selected activity.
We remain the facilitators,

He’s doing it.

With such a sense of accomplishment,
And pride written all over his face.

walking jan 2014

And that old saying,
Method in the madness,
Momentarily rings true,
As my frazzled self takes a second to digest,
Just how far he has come.