calling the shots

by thankfeldenkrais

A new year shiny with possibilities,
And dreams,
Knocks on our door,
With sunshine in its hands.

Except just like the years trailing behind us,
We still take with us Cerebral Palsy,
And the prospect of another year heavy with challenge.

Our constant blessing however,
Has always been Isaac.
His positive attitude,
His willingness to engage in everything thrown at him,
And so within the strain,
He has always made it for lack of a better word,

But then unexpectedly,
Something shifts,
A change blows in on a cold breeze.

And suddenly Isaac wants to take the reigns.

He’s always been striving for an independence,
But within a compliance to set tasks,
Until uncharacteristically he is proving hard to focus,
To any structured activities,
Or demand we ask of him.
He is outwardly protesting against our dictation,
Opting for his way,
Or no way.

He is openly stroppy towards our requests,
Almost defiant.

I begin to get agitated,
For needing him to maximise his time,
Making the most of what is both an expensive,
And labour intensive path we’re on.

I want to get cross at him,
For wasting my time,
And his,
His practitioners,
To scream about missed opportunity,
And the consequences in that.

Until instead I laugh,
As does our practitioner,
For what we are witnessing can only be attributed,
To the late arrival of the terrible twos,
Or the early onset of the dreaded threes,
As we inch towards his third birthday.

And suddenly I see both the beauty and the blessing,
In this predicament.
For everything we have been teaching him,
Working towards,
Is for a greater life,
A greater independence,
A greater sense of self.

And here he is,
His own person.
Knowing his own mind.

And that,
Is something to rejoice.

jan 2014

And nothing is wasted or lost,
While ideally our current goals are more standing,
Side walking,
High kneeling side walking,
Our practitioner simply has to become even more opportunistic,
And follows his lead.

Because for now at least,
Isaac is very much calling the shots.

And so he should.