on the right path

by thankfeldenkrais

On all fours I follow behind Isaac,
Narrowing his knee position as he reciprocally crawls,
And every few paces I encourage him to side sit,
Across to one side,
Then the other,
By pushing the front knee further forward and across his mid-line,
Allowing that side to lower to the ground,
To rest his bottom to the floor.

Then back up again to crawl.

And repeat.

We are creating the diagonals,
Mobility through the pelvis,
Reorienting his balance points,
Finding his base through his bottom.

It opens up his chest,
Allowing for rotation to see behind him as he goes,
It’s another imperative action to break his back extension bias,
And is giving Isaac yet another option in movement.

He’s always responsive,
Even if things come and go,
Less able to retain change permanently,
Each time we reintroduce it,
It comes more easily than the time before,
And so we can see that over time,
Reinforcement in the right degree of difficulty,
Challenging him just enough to keep his interest,
His brains focus,
We do break the bias,
Or part there of,
To make the gains,
And allowing for possibilities in the future.

Because what he does now,
Will impact on what will be possible down the track,
For some strategies open up the next phase,
While other can limit it,
Our practitioner identifies these,
And we try our hardest to infiltrate them into our life.

We see it when he stands,
After such pelvis mobilising through side sit,
For the very position and freedom of his hips and pelvis,
Directly influence the way his feet may or may not stand,
May or may not pull up an arch along the sole.
Something I would never have considered before Feldenkrais,
And something certainly no one in the CP world discusses.

standing nov 2013

And as mid session we witness Isaac pull each leg one at a time,
Out from under his “w” sitting,
To be on his bottom,
Even momentarily,
Hands resting to the floor in support –
Demonstrating a new understanding of his pelvis,
By himself.

We know we are definitely on the right path.

The End Of Chapter Nine