all his own

by thankfeldenkrais

I turn around to catch the last transition of Isaac,
Pulling himself to stand at the lounge,
All by himself.

Hit by such shock,
I drop the phone to the floor,
Abruptly ending the call mid-sentence.

And there he stood,
Leaning against the lounge,
His left leg darting up and down as he tries to climb up,
Holding with two hands,
Relatively flat footed,
And seemingly taller than he had ever appeared.

He wasn’t coaxed,
He wasn’t even really being watched,
How easily I could have missed this moment completely.

It was something that he really wanted for himself,
With the skills learned under his belt to pull it off,
And so he did.

Recreating the moment exposes some flaws in his technique,
As he pushes off the tops of his feet,
Rather than a clean one foot coming forward to half kneeling,
Followed by the other,
And he soon falls backwards at losing his balance –
But yet he did it,

And no one can take that away from him.

first pull to stand

A moment to cherish,
Two years and seven months of hard work to reflect on,
An accomplishment all his own.