many more words in time

by thankfeldenkrais

Many months of hard work from Isaac in Prompt therapy,
Working closely with Feldenkrais therapy,
Has him becoming aware that his lips are used for talking.

The movement he is finding at the mouth,
I have not seen of him before,
And words slowly drip out,
Sweet like honey running from a hive.

At turning a page of a book he directs “over“,
Appropriately to read forth,
And at the joy of the tale of Wheels On The Bus,
Bus” jumps out at us with a smile.

We hear “up” and “pop” at his delight of DR Seuss,
As we focus on his lips coming together over the teeth,
To cut off the air to punch out a crisp sound.

The tongue while much harder for him to control at this stage,
We still explore the “s” sound,
Which despite not sounding accurately,
The beginning of a tongue action is there,
As it’s all about his awareness growing.

Mostly his excitable face lights up so much it’s hard for him to make speech,
And so often the response is “mamma“,
No matter the question,
(To my uttermost joy at his connection to me)
As his body now so accustomed to saying this word,
So fluid,
So natural.

By the now familiar touch to his cheeks,
His chin,
His jaw,
Has Isaac knowing what to expect from a speech session,
And eagerly he cooperates,
Even mimics by way of bringing his own hands to face,
In young determination,
In a confident gesture,
For this is working,
He realises it,
And he wants to say more.


And as “mamma” falls effortlessly from his lips,
We ‘re confident so will many more words in time,
Because so far,
The improvement has been breathtaking.