none of his movements are wasted

by thankfeldenkrais

He might be two and a half years old,
But I see how we can’t simple catagorise him as such,
For we need to measure him only in terms of his progress.

And currently in the eyes of our Feldenkrais practitioner,
Isaac moves as a ten month baby would move.

And this is something to rejoice.

For the ten month phase of being is,
The pre-walker,
Having a relativity to space,
Judging distances,
The ability to move up and down –

All movements essential to achieve balance and fluidity.

None of his movements are wasted.

At this phase there is great exploration of the feet,
Isaac continues to stand in AFO’s for stability,
But has times in barefoot,
Where he can really feel the gentle weight-shift across the base of the foot,
The subtle movements as he rolls from the inside to the outside of his foot as we rock him slowly from one leg to the other.
His toes are slowly uncurling more,
We see him get rotation at the ankle in kneeling,
All assisting him to become more familiar with his furthermost appendage,
While the movements are small,
The value is enormous.

He rides a three-wheel plastic trike,
Learning how to push backwards through his feet,
Alternating feet,
Holding the handles,
Sitting tall,
Then with help is shown how to push forward,
The more options in direction,
The more feedback he receives from his feet pressing through a surface,
The more capable a body part they will endeavour to become.

It may never get easier fighting the urge to rush him,
Wanting more for him sooner,
To without question allow him the ten month phase as a two year old –
But as long as I have the invaluable guidance of Feldenkrais Method,
I have help to see the benefit of the now,
That will lead to the future,
Of greater freedom and ability.

bike aug 2013

So once more,
I strip him of a number,
Furthermore separate myself from the category of age,
Insignificant to him,
Obstructive to me,
And let him simply be Isaac –
Finding his feet with Feldenkrais,
And all the other bits in between.