life is therapy

by thankfeldenkrais

Staying true to life is therapy,
And not the trap I’m often spiraling into,
That therapy is life,
We get Isaac a trampoline,
Where we can somersault between the fun of childhood,
And the physical development lessons,
Paramount to the life we lead,
Along the road of cerebral palsy.

And so we bounce,
We roll,
We sit him on his bottom,
And let him fall.

Isaac needs to experience falling,
To learn how to judge distance,
Evaluate height,
Make decisions about what is too high,
To teach himself how best to correct himself,
For his own ultimate safety and balance.

The falling is fun,
It’s safe,
And it teaches him more than I would have appreciated,
About body organisation.

His instability on the trampoline surface requires his body to adjust,
Micro movements that lead all the way back to his ears,
Helping him gauge how to negotiate the sensation of the bouncy floor.

And after the fall,
Equally as valuable –
He learns to roll onto his side,
To come forward on his base up to sitting,
Without allowing him to flip himself over as a plank – back stiff in extension,
But instead encouraging the curl,
The flexion,
Finding the mobility of moving across his pelvis base,
In multiple directions –
Which is still so key to his progress.

And the best part,
If unsuccessful in his fete to sit,
He falls once more in fits of giggles.
And happily tries again.

And because it is so much fun,
It doesn’t feel like hard work.


To master anything on uneven surface,
Only makes it that much easier to accomplish on a stable grounds –

And so we both sit,
And fall,
And roll,
And jump,
Until we’re weeping with laughter,
And have a stitch in the side of our stomach.

This is my kind of therapy.