the point of feldenkrais

by thankfeldenkrais

Since the very beginning,
From the very first time I mentioned we were doing Feldenkrais therapy,
I had to follow it with a mound of justifications,
Defending it as noteworthy.

Noses turned up at it within the system,
As if it were a threat deviating from their plan,
As if control or power was being lost from their grips.
Or simply an unwillingness to widen the scope of their practice,
To see how many cracks it had from the foundations up.

I sought to come up with a perfect explanation for it,
In hope that it would gain its rightful respect –
But it just didn’t seem to matter how many times I would say;

The point of Feldenkrais is to set up movements that are “meant” to happen.
To feel natural and comfortable.
To persist, suggest and encourage movement –
Never forcing.
Insisting at key moments,
Picking those moments strategically to enthuse a movement.
Still never forcing –
It is all about teaching,
Always teaching the movement.

They just didn’t seem to give it the time of day.
Most completely ignorant to its principles,
Unable to pronounce the name,
Let alone understanding its approach,
Or rather wanting to.
A snobbishness towards it emanated pungently,
A belittling,
A strong disregard for such alternative teachings,
Became common retort.

And it always surprised me at the blatant lack of curiosity.

As if Isaac’s development was never enough as proof to its successes,
It was regularly alluded,
That is was simply the level of CP he embodied.

At this I bristled,
I knew just how incorrect they were.

I was living his progress,
Part of his teachings paramount to his improvements.

I was there for the hard work he put in.

Yet as I was never able to muster up enough authoritative air,
To sell them on the magic,
I simply had to begin to accept that they were the ones missing out,
As sad as it was for so many other children who didn’t get this knowledge,
This opportunity to learn like Isaac,
It couldn’t be my place to change the world of CP –

But it is my place to help change my sons.

And by no means were we going to dampen our cheer.

And perhaps in time they might just catch up to Feldenkrais,
And wonder how it wasn’t always standard practice.

The End of Chapter Eight.