do something you want to do

by thankfeldenkrais

Our Feldenkrais sessions progress on with an array of moves.
Which I try desperately to link to the bigger picture.
But when everything has to be taught,
And broken down into elements,
It can pose a struggle to sustain patience,
But if Isaac can,
As he does,
Then who am I to complain.

His zest for adventure swells,
As with his determination,
And for those reasons alone,
We are guided by him in keeping up with how to help him move.

Reversibility still key,
As Isaac begins to learn how to sit on the edge of the table,
Turning his core to place both hands on the table to one side of him,
In an action that looks like if continued,
Would turn him from sitting to crawling or,
To slip off the bed to standing with him tummy against it –
But for this purpose,
For the stage he is at,
He turns back – returning to sitting –
Then places both hands to his other side.

Working into these simple tasks,
Is the shortening one side,
While lengthening the other –
Diagonals I hear so much of.
The more diagonals you have –
The better your balance.

So we continue to teach him how to side sit,
From high kneeling,
To sitting on his bottom over his legs to one side.
And then to the opposite side via the same high kneeling.

Everything is reversed,
To come in and out of the action,
And both sides always practiced.

Despite all the encouragement,
And constant reinforcement,
Is still difficult for Isaac,
And imperative if he is to break beyond his current repertoire.
Vital for balance.
So I become more vigilant in times where flexion can become purposeful,
Giving Isaac reason to need it –
On his back or in sitting curling to take off his AFOs,
Avoiding a stiffening to a crunch,
But rather an elongated back of neck,
And soft chest.
Conscious of his breathing.

Currently as Isaac’s feet begin to become present for him,
He stands well,
Holding on to support himself –
But without any reversibility in standing yet,
It is very risky,
So until he can reverse the action it won’t become clear,
Or available to him.

And so the half kneeling –
The transition to standing,
Becomes fundamental,
Both feet alternating a turn,
Practicing so Isaac will develop a way in and out of standing –
Thus the reversibility he needs.

We begin to incorporate the dynamic standing frame use within our day,
At times when fine motor play is required,
And he wants to be involved in rearranging fridge magnets,
Or painting at the easel.
And soon it’s a common addition to our routine.
Isaac recognising just how it can help support him,
As part of his play.

And while Isaac can take steps,
With support under his arms,
Depositing weight quite nicely down each foot as he goes,
He has no sideways action.
And once more reversibility plays its part.
Without sideways action,
He doesn’t have stability,
He isn’t safe on his feet.
And so we see,
Just how far he still has to go –
To become up right in the world.

I begin to see that everything is as much about self preservation,
As anything else,
Which the more I think about it,
Is the fundamental to how babies learn.
And vital for Isaac as any other.

Stability –
Is all about being able to move to correct yourself,
And all the finer little micro movements that make up the ability to do so,
And always applying it to meaning –
To do something you want to do.

It brings choice,
It brings confidence,
And ultimately freedom in movement,
Freedom in life.

paiting aug 13

Moshe really was onto something incredible!
And it’s at times like this,
When I just feel like I get it,
I am genuinely excited at what possibilities lie ahead for Isaac.