fill in the spaces/with life

by thankfeldenkrais

When nothing in life feels typical,
And so much adversity has soaked to your very core,
You yearn for them,
To be able to do the seemingly simplest of things,
To feel alive,
To feel free,
To be the kid they are,
Capture the world,
With shrieks of laughter,
And a child’s quizzical eye.

It won’t ever be as easy for him,
But everyone deserves a go,
He deserves to experience it,
I deserve to witness it,
And together we can begin to fill in the spaces,
The what if’s and if only’s have painfully left,
With life.

And so Isaac starts horse riding.

And it’s better than I could have imagined,
He’s braver than I’d given him credit for,
There is real joy,
Real adventure,
And I get to stand back,
Soak it up,
And watch it magically unfold.

My heart swells with the commonality,
Yet the monumental,
The challenge,
Yet the ease of his composure.

His tiny little body,
Upon a big gentle creature,
With an instant connection,
And mutual trust.

And I know in that moment that,
This is how we live.

This is how we survive it all.


By each moment,
By doing it all,
Because where there’s a will,
There’s a way,
And a handful of incredible volunteers who’ll strive to make it happen.