into focus

by thankfeldenkrais

Finding it difficult to bring Isaac’s right side,
Into his awareness,
And keep it present,
Our Feldenkrais practitioner explains the link between it,
And his wandering right eye.
That possibly the body wanders,
With or because of the eye,
Away from his self image,
Out of his focus.

And so we’re lead to a behavioural optometrist,
Having specialised in how our actions shape our eyes,
And our eyes help shape our actions –
Once more we’re privy to how the body is constantly interlinked,
A processing station,
Sending and receiving messages,
To the eyes,
From the eyes,
To the ears,
From the ears,
To the body,
From the body.

Immediately it’s identified how Isaac requires right eye quadrant games,
That involve reaching and touching,
The touch is the required feedback,
Until the eye can do it by sight alone.
With a wandering right eye,
A less present right side,
The more he can reach, touch, hold, drop objects into a tub,
With his right hand,
Positioned to the right of his body,
The stronger the connections to his right eye will become,
And in turn the more present his right arm will become.

His eyes do not converge (come to the middle) well,
But to my surprise by quickly popping an object up in front of his nose,
They do,
Involuntarily almost.
And then by starting with an object further away, gradually bring it closer,
To a centimeter away from his nose, and wait for the eyes to adjust,
They do again.
We train his eyes,
And they can learn,
Like any muscle,
To process information.

And as the eyes link the limbs,
And vice versa,
So do the ears play their part.
And so we approach Isaac from alternate sides from a distance,
Calling his name,
So his ear hears us,
Turns his head accordingly to the side we approach from,
And the corresponding eye will see us coming.
And the connections again begin to build and strengthen.

With a right arm that isn’t strongly within his body image,
That isn’t constantly waving around in his right eye peripheral,
Relying on his eye to see,
To cross the mid-line,
On judge distances because the arm doesn’t reach for things,
Or bring things to his face,
It is no wonder the eye is lazy,
It hasn’t had to work.
It hasn’t had the incentive to learn its role.
It doesn’t desire learned non-use,
But frankly the opposite,
Just waiting for its chance to join the party.

It really is a use it or lose it brain,
And all the components of our body are equally at risk of falling off the radar,
Should we not provide it with the stimulation to learn.

We continue to patch his left eye,
Play our newly learnt games,
And in a very short time,
We see his right eye straighten,
We see him more readily turning his head to the right,
And we start to see his right arm coming into focus.

tunnel seip

Biases are always stubborn,
Hard to break,
And it will be ongoing,
Like everything for Isaac,
For me,
We add it to the list,
And soldier on.

Making sure we’re still having fun along the way.