see how it links

by thankfeldenkrais

Prompt therapy slips in seamlessly into Isaac’s routines,
It doesn’t sit along side Feldenkrais either,
But melds together all we work on,
Joining some sessions,
To demonstrate just how the body works as one,
We cannot work on one part,
With disregard for another,
And our therapists acknowledge this,
Understand it,
And so feed off of each other,
For optimal outcome,
Advantageous to long term progress and development.

I’d been feeling how disjointed our life had become,
Going here, there and everywhere,
For appointments,
Where while they preached unity and team work,
No one ever knew what the other was up to,
Didn’t work together,
Didn’t even see how it links.

Making not only Isaac’s job harder,
Trying to work out,
Who expected what from him,
But also mine,
Trying to chase up multiple people at a time,
Desperately seeking continuity,
To alleviate repeating myself constantly,
Trying to forever join the dots between everyone,
All the while feeling the pull beyond what my limbs can endue.

So making the presence of a uniting alliance,
Between physical therapy and speech therapy,
Is a sweet relief,
Makes so much sense,
Is the only way we should be moving forward,
And I can see the appreciation in Isaac’s eyes,
The safety of a common understanding,
Using all he has learned,
All he will continue to learn,
To promote both movement and sound,

And I feel a turning point brewing.
As our team pulls in to stand by our aim,
Giving Isaac the freedom to learn,
To have options,
Find his body maps,
Develop his self-image,
And discover himself completely in the body and mind he has to work with.

july standing

It’s some beautiful simplicity extracted from a very complex path we have to follow.