toward something new

by thankfeldenkrais

What I never had the head space to think of,
But once mentioned,
Seemed so obvious.

And therefore self deprecating.

Was our responsibility to help compensate,
For the lack of conceptual stimulation Isaac can’t instigate himself.

I had begun to feel a slight sense of pride,
Within myself for my attainment of knowledge,
For my open-mindedness,
My practical application to tasks,
And my drive to seek out solutions,
To our many problems.

But then in an instant,
Even all that is not enough.

I still have so much to learn.

For to be limited by body,
Will place limits on your mind,
Your imagination,
Your inner growth,
Your minds exploration,
Your intangible self.
And what’s left is a craving for mental stimulus,
To compensate for being incapable of major,
Self-initiated physical stimulation.

And while we invested in a broad range of games,
It pales in comparison to a physically able child.

And not the type of thing,
You can rectify overnight.
And actually an even harder thing to teach.

But like our approach to everything Isaac,
It’s slowly,
Bit by bit,
Helping him fill in the gaps.


The more he sees,
The wider his experiences span.
The more we help him do,
The more satisfaction he will find.
And the greater his sense of motivation will be.

And so I tentatively peel off a layer of bubble wrap,
I’ve invisibly shackled him with out of fear,
Giving him an ever so slight nudge,
Towards something new.


And like always he proves he’s willing and able.
Stand back mum,
I got this.

End of Chapter Seven.