all the demand

by thankfeldenkrais

With a notebook full of games,
And activities to do with Isaac,
It’s enough to make me balk.
Requiring all my energy not to just pull the doona over my head,
And hide away from all the demand.

With the chaos of what seems like jumping from one game,
To another,
As possibilities arise,
Opportunities present,
It does begin to feel a lot like jazz.

And I have trouble locating the count.

But as long as I am not the conductor,
I can trust in that our practitioner keeps time,
Bringing the right instruments in on the right beat..

While if I can just find the time to read the music,
And practice with him,
Using all my nervous energy proactively,
And try to take time to feel the melody.
We make it through the lists.

But the reality remains,
Take nothing for granted,
All the little things add up to grand things.
So many things to do,
Do them.

Clasp Isaac’s hands between our two palms,
And wait for him to pull his hand out.
A pulling back action from the elbow which we need to encourage.

Mirror stomping actions while in a baby walker,
A seat,
To create a reciprocal leg action.

In sitting, lean forward and down to pick up objects,
Instill in him how to come forward from the pelvis.

Foot to foot play,
Our foot pressed against the flat of his sole,
Encourage him to push back against us,
To help discover his legs – from the knees down.

Find his feet,
Stuff folded strips of paper between his little toes,
Allow him to discover them,
Reach for them,
Pull them free.

Off a big step dangle him,
Legs over and wait for him to find the floor with his feet,
Breaking the habit he has of pulling his feet up under him,
So his knees are the first point of contact –
We want it to be his feet.

In kneeling create the game around an up-down transition,
So his strengthening his ability to come up from pelvis,
And takes away a lot of the pulling action of his arms,
Which Isaac is so inclined to do.

Help Isaac discover how to separate his hip joints,
The ability to pull one leg forward at a time,
Translates into reciprocal crawling,
Half kneeling to standing,
And eventually walking.
By straddling him over our leg,
Rocking him side to side,
Back and forth,
Separate by bending one leg up – twisting slightly,
While other leg remains straight.

In knee sitting encourage Isaac to come forward on his arms,
Pushing through a flat hand,
Getting up to all fours,
And pushing back again to kneeling.
We want weight coming through his arms,
Connecting him to the floor,
And a reverse push action to follow –
Reversibility still a key element for all movement.

We find ways,
To incorporate it all into our play,
Despite my own exhaustion,
And personal battles,
Isaac works tirelessly,
With good nature,
As if not a care in the world.

For he doesn’t know he’s two years old therefore should be walking.
He just continues to learn,
As we teach him,
And his improvements are evidence in themselves.
Testament to the practice,
His drive,
The Feldenkrais Method.

Because then there it is,
In quick succession,
After what feels an eternal wait,
Isaac transitions to kneeling without holding onto anything,
Sits independently on a step, for great lengths of time,
While turning pages of a book.
And he four point crawls.

kneeling hands free

I’m so proud of him,
I cry,
Proper hard sobs,
Of joy,
Of relief,
Of fatigue,
Of love.

And once again through tears I pray,
Thank Feldenkrais!