transition our way through life

by thankfeldenkrais

We all move,
Our body’s will be quiet,
They will be busy,
And it is all about the right ration of use,
Of the right elements of our mechanics,
And the very right time.

And then we flow.

If we can’t time it,
Can’t separate components,
And marry them again,
According to any desired act,
The flow becomes increasingly difficult,
To make it’s way downstream.

With a brain injury,
That has your messages sending buses to the wrong depot,
Off schedule,
A fluctuation between delays,
And en mass clogging the entry point.
The conductors have to work tirelessly to reroute its valuable cargo.

This is what Isaac contends with every moment of his life.

The thing is however,
The greater practice he has at directing wayward signals along a new pathway,
The more flow he can create,
And the smoother his whole being will move, connect, express, receive.

And that is the ultimate goal of our Feldenkrais sessions.

And so it instills in me,
Once more how it is always about the journey (transition),
Not the destination.
Our life in movement,
As in cognition,
Is an ongoing transition.

In no other therapy do I see this being addressed,
They move Isaac from place to place,
As if arriving at the destination is all that is required,
But I query them,
What about the journey?

But I soon see,
That those who do not understand the fundamentals a journey breaks down into,
Cannot teach it to others,
And that is where the chips begin to fall.
Separating our path,
From one we still butt heads against frequently.

Now at two years of age,
The spark within him to establish for himself,
Is powerful.

And more than ever the transitions thus far missing are highlighted.

And so we continue to fill the gaps.

The bending/folding forward on a stool to reach for a block on the floor,
Is the focus,
Not simply having the blocks,
Or the sitting.

The idea of coming forward at the hips,
Grounded by his base at the pelvis,
An action imperative in so many other actions of daily life.
That to skip it would be detrimental to a flow to the next stage.

The sitting-squat to stand is the focus,
Not the standing.
For his lower legs still beyond his self image,
So to rectify this must be in dynamic action.
And this action too only possible with the idea of the body coming forward,
In the transition.

The raising from knees to high kneeling is the focus,
Not just the kneeling.
For the change in height trajectory,
In stages is the only way to become upright completely.

The teaching him he has a torso capable of rotation for reaching an arm forward,
Is the focus,
Breaking the habit to side bending in attempt to bring an arm out,
Which is incredibly limiting in terms of arm span,
Virtually locking the arm at the shoulder.

And while I’m painfully overwhelmed,
In every area of Isaac’s transition needing attention,
Our practitioner is not.
Because she knows his limits,
And what stages to push for,
And others to hold back on.

And this is why we have Isaac still rolling,
Still connecting to the floor,
Using bolsters for rolling over, sitting on, rocking with,
Generate flexion in a system prone to extension,
Anchor him to a base to feel safe and supported,
Curl his chest to help differentiate his arms from his neck, his shoulder girdle.
And why we are guided into practical applications that incorporate this into his daily life.

So that therapy doesn’t carry a stigma for Isaac,
For me,
And so it wholly and completely relates to living,
Which is the only true purpose of any of it –
So we can transition our way through life.

fold to pick up 2013sit to stand 2013

And with Isaac close to four point crawling,
By way of rocking on all fours,
Kneeling without holding on to anything (just),
Squatting to stand – standing to squat (assisted),
Rolling his heart out in multiple directions,
Climbing obstacles,
And truly directing himself through space.
All achieved within only two short years of life,
Gives me so much hope –
An increasingly positive sign that the subsequent transitions of his development,
Are within his reach.