wonders in the smallest of things

by thankfeldenkrais

Life becomes about micro achievements,
With bounding impact,
Beyond its humble act.

The blowing of a single bubble,
Through the mini wedding favour,
Produced by a monumental feat,
Of spoken combination of woof and the letter f.
After many many lessons,
He does it,
For the very first time.

Lifting the kaleidoscope to his eye independently,
With an arm that moves to his eye with accuracy.
A moment of clarity in organisation,
To bring object to his face as opposed to his head falling to his hand.
He does it,
For the very first time.

It is enough to bring you to tears,
As you realise once more the spell you are under,
In your own world,
Where nothing happens of its own accord,
Everything is taught,
Therefore everything accomplished,
Is magical.

And you do fantasise about what it would be like if he just knew,
How to blow that bubble,
How to lift an object to his face,
If his mirror neurons fired as powerfully as they should.
But now even that fantasy is just out of reach,
Slightly illegible,
Foggy around the peripheral –
Because he sits there in front of you,
Smiling with his entire face,
Eyes hungry for more knowledge,
More exposure,
More opportunity to try,
And anything else is completely unknown.

And you, dear boy,
I want to know,
More and more,
At the pace that is who you are.

But I’ll still need you to pick me up,
Along the way.
And remind me to look closer,
And see,
The wonders in the smallest of things.

And be grateful for everything.