all about the base

by thankfeldenkrais

Isaac’s next progression presents itself,
Just as our practitioner had anticipated,
And I had only dreamed.

A focus (although never exclusively) to learn the importance of a base.
But not in a stuck in place,
Fixed version of sitting,
But the real thing,
The subtle shifting around the pelvis,
The adjusting the head position so not to fall,
The being grounded by a base,
So you are safe,
And free to move in and out of it,
Continuing to be readily available to yourself.

And sitting will differ dramatically depending on what it is you are trying to do.
Again intention is everything.
Knowing why,
To allow the how.

One thing is constant however,
It’s all about the base.

Isaac finds his base on his bottom as promised,
On a stool,
A step,
A bolster.
With the ability to come forward from the pelvis,
Leaning to a table,
Or hands on knees.
He’s establishing the why,
What he can do in sitting,
The way it free’s his arms/hands to be a functioning appendage,
An upright perspective on the world.
An independence once he’s there.

And while he still is in training for how to get there himself,
At this stage,
He learns the power of being there.
The how to get to this type of sitting will come,
Once he learns to turn/rotation,
To side sit across his bottom,
A greater use of his pelvis in weight shifting.

There is no one kind of sitting,
And no one base,
But a plethora of positions,
Of parts to be a supportive base,
And the more options he has,
The more parts he recognises can play the part of a base,
The more possibilities he has,
For all movement.

Then once again,
As if by proof of of his phasing into the next chapter –

I walk into his room to collect him from his cot,
And there he is,
High kneeling up at the side,
Two little hands wrapped over the rail,
Which for the first time ever I’d forgotten to raise before his nap.
So unknowingly, and most definitely unintentionally,
I had created the right environment for him,
At the very right time,
Along with his curiosity and intention,
To raise himself up on his knees independently for the very first time.

He has found another base,
On his knees,
With freedom to move his bottom up and down,
From sitting on his heels to high kneeling.
To push through the ground,
Stabilising himself enough to be confident to move in and out of it,
With the help of the cot side.

This is a great leap forward.

He’s transitioning in a new height trajectory,
He’s weight-bearing through his hips via the knees,
He’s formulating many elements he has been learning to get him to this point.

And it’s the day before my birthday.
A gift worth more than anything else in this world.

And so it clearly opens the path up for the next episode,
Which until a moment like this arises,
You can’t even focus your blurred vision on what is happening in front of you,
Let alone see how the next progression will ever appear.

And yet here it is,
And we’ll jump on every opportunity as usual.
Building on the base,
Continue to work on his bottom as a base,
Pushing through the hands/arms as a base,
His knees as a base through kneeling,
His hand and knees as a base in four point crawling,
And all the movements in between to help him get there.
With a pelvis,
Side sitting,
All with a base,
Connection to the ground,
A reference point to feed back from.
And as his strength and mobility increase the base can become smaller,
The rest of the body will become freer,
And the sky’s the limit.

nearly 2 high knees