the way to look

by thankfeldenkrais

Intention is the most vital thing in movement.

If you stand to just stand,
You organise your movement entirely different,
Than if you go get a book off the table quickly.

With Isaac fostering intention,
We facilitate his options in various tasks.
And how best to help him organise his body.

Still with a limited repertoire available to him in a comparative sense,
Yet so much underestimated capacity,
As constantly identified by our practitioner,
Who understands movement better than anyone I have ever met.
We take her hand as she leads us down this path together.
With our intention not to rush him,
Every day a new opportunity to delve further into a comprehension of the elements he has mastered,
The elements missing,
How and why he can’t do one thing,
Yet another with grace and finesse.

And what constantly ringing true,
And loud,
Is the way we take everything for granted.

And we just don’t know what to look for,
To appreciate,
To give testament to,
Or what elements mark true progress,
And competence.

But Feldenkrais did.

(Thank you).

As I swim in the murky cesspool of denial,
I am privy to the rush of crystal clear waterfalls,
Which burst out from the stench,
Cleansing me,
Rejuvenating me,
And seeing through the mud once more,
The way to look at Isaac’s development.

With no one right way of doing something,
No mold to shape everyone into,
Just the opportunity to improve through knowledge,
Of reducing effort,
Making action the easiest version possible,
With using, unlocking and facilitating,
What is available –
Which is so much more than we ever even know.

And so that’s how I move forward,
Day by day.
Holding on to the vision of him which Feldenkrais would see,
And celebrate.