mindful of fatigue

by thankfeldenkrais

Our Feldenkrais sessions,
For me as much as Isaac,
Are like a treat,
And highly anticipated.

Every session an hour,
Overflowing with seized opportunities,
Of learning,
A constant progression of how, why and where to go to next.
In concentration,
As well as movement.
But rich with answers.

Playing in all types of advantageous positions to help him succeed,
Make things possible, easier, achievable –
Always the same ideology – just mixing up the game.

Sitting against us, well supported so he can pull a lid from a cylinder repeatedly until he’s satisfied with his own success –
Seeing full extension of the arms, and highly sought after fine motor skill development –
As he reaches in to retrieve the treasure toys within.

Straddled over a bolster, chest curled, head not throwing back – breaking his default trajectory of always looking up at the world with a kinked neck –
This position allowing the same postal poster tube – the object of so much fascination –
To be available to him to reach up to with both hands,
And allows him to move forward, pushing through feet and hips to stand over it – 
Peering inside with vested curiosity.

Lying on his right side, arm tucked under his resting head –
A position now so easy for him, which was so foreign not so long ago –
And here we start to show him what transition comes next to get up to sitting – a roll into side sit.

In standing at the table – forearms pushed to the surface,
He attempts a side step for the very first time –
Moving his feet out of an independent stationary stance for the very first time,
An opportunity our practitioner of course jumps at,
Showing him the full weight-shift to progress to the complete step, and back again.

To explore his feet further in barefoot we do what we refer to as “dancing feet” –
Legs out straight to the wall in front of him, while seated on a low stool, 
Dancing his feet from toe to heel in a slow mimic walking action – his soft flexible feet so capable of flat contact against the walls surface.

In time,
I’m told,
I will see how it all ties together,
How every exercise, game, action,
He learns becomes part of a bigger whole.

Vital pieces to the puzzle of life.

A lesson evolving as expected,
Until Isaac became very frustrated,
Uncharacteristically so,
With himself perhaps,
With us, definitely –
And it became apparent he didn’t want anyone to play with him,
As he rolled himself away from us,
To a pile of cushions,
Keeping his face hidden for several moments,
Before rolling onto his back to lie there,
For over ten minutes,
Pulling up his knees to chest,
Playing with his interlinking hands,
Hands in his mouth –
In a display of such soft, relaxed movement –
It was like watching a newborn baby,
And discovering elements of them self – which they do for hours on end,
But which was never available to Isaac,
In such independence and seeming effortlessness,
Until now.

Then once rejuvenated,
Over he rolls,
And is off again.

And I’m privy once more to a monumental demonstration of just how far he’s come in his decision making,
In asserting himself,
In taking lead of his life.

And I know we are in the only appointment we attend,
Where the practitioner explains why this is the best work he’s done all week,
Why it’s so advantageous to know how to be quiet within ones self,
How it’s so beneficial to internalise, reflect, feel.
And who can justify how resting is as important as doing.
To be mindful of fatigue – of body and of mind.
That less is often more,
That in rest there is learning.
And it’s what he isn’t doing that we can pride him on,
Where everywhere else strips him bear to his can’ts,
Because they simply don’t know what to look for.



Or how to make us feel good about life.
Thank you Feldenkrais.
Is all I’m left to say.

The End of Chapter Six.