and so we play

by thankfeldenkrais

It’s time to get creative,
With the list of child’s play still unavailable to him,
We help to recreate.
Play is child’s work for a reason,
It’s there they learn,
It’s the fundamentals of their life long apprenticeship of movement,
Of knowledge,
Of expression.

And so we play.

Riding an imaginary car with a plastic tub steering wheel,
To see the arms can move objects in space.

Riding the primary colour plastic trike,
With tape wound around the steering column to limit variable movements,
Beyond his comfort which will invoke the spasm.

Standing to play if the hand requirements aren’t too great,
Or sit when we choose to do fine motor of stacking rings on the pole.

Sitting cross legged in front of the fridge laden with family photos,
The curiosity alone sees a minute of confidently propping with an arm,
And correcting his balance by shifting weight around his base,
And holding his core.

We use his AFO’s to help him reference the ground –
Feed sensory weighted-ness back to the brain.
But also allow him time in barefoot to feel the movements within his ankles,
The touch of the ground to the soles of his feet –
Bird watching by the window sends shrieks of delight into the wind,
As our practitioner can freely move his bottom up and down –
To show him the process of coming up right is not simply straight knees or flat feet,
But the propulsion of the bottom coming up and forward.

We side sit for book time,
Holding his focus,
Sending his imagination into the storyland,
While allowing his body to shift within the position,
Feeling its presence,
And the possibility of options.

Give a boy a mirror,
To charm himself,
As he does the rest of us –
And he starts to really look,
Momentarily converging his eyes,
And he watches his facial features move with vested interest.

We hold his focus,
We keep the novelty alive.


And he does the hard work,
The play.