common anomaly

by thankfeldenkrais

If the eyes are the window to the soul,
Then we must feed our eyes,
Feed them the world,
With our body,
And in return they will see the world for us,
Enriching the essence of who we are.

But if that body is restricted,
The eyes may not get their fill,
And so we must nourish them more through other senses,
To link the story together,
Between body and sight,
And allow them to dance off into the sunset hand in hand.

Isaac’s world is in front of him,
He has vision,
But sometimes his eyes do not see,
They wander in the peripherals,
As his hands do not feed them with full awareness.

While we’re speeding through his daily life,
Commitment reaping rewards,
Negotiating his surroundings with conviction,
Utilising what he has thus far found of himself.

Yet there are so many elements still to answer to.
They flood in,
And I am awash with the rough tide.
The steadying glow of the Feldenkrais sessions is what guides me back on course,
Reorienting me,
Pulling me to safety,
And consistently leading us on the right path.
Like a lighthouse beckoning its boats.

There is a forceful bias pulling Isaac left in his world,
Left hand functioning,
Left leg pushing off his crawl,
Left side turning,
Left eye looking.

The use of the eyes is directly linked to spinal muscular development.
If we can strengthen Isaac’s right eye,
Or rather “change” his behavioural left eye dominance,
We should see a dramatic change to the presence of his entire right side of his body.

The skin on his face pulls left.
His right cheek has started to thicken,
Cheeks will change shape and move during chewing and talking –
So with no speech,
And very little chewing,
It needs stimulation,
To activate the muscles,
Give them their purpose –
We stroke the cheek,
Touch the right side of face,
Place a finger inside his right cheek and pull him right – allowing the head to turn right, encouraging the tongue to follow suit.
This will help orient his chest and his head to open up to the right side,
It will help limit drooling.

And while his eyes track,
They will not converge.
Predominantly the right stays wide –
And the less he brings his world into the midline,
The eyes have little reason to follow –
And the vicious cycle is in full spin.

And so we introduce a patch to his left eye,
For quiet story time,
Short intervals to build on,
Teach an eye that sees to process information and really look.
Break the pattern,
Shift the bias.
Take away his options in a short term,
To open up so many more for life.

And like everything we’ve learned so far,
Nothing is in isolation,
We incorporate it into our day,
Just another common anomaly that weaves into our world,
To help bring the world to him.


And once more his strength of character shines before me,
As he takes it all in his stride.

While I indulge in a quiet cry to myself,
Feeling the sting once more.