astro boy

by thankfeldenkrais

I’m in that moment,
You read about in fiction novels,
Where the main character has a pivotal realisation,
One that has been in front of her the entire book,
Obvious to the readers,
Unrealistic that she is blind to it,
Subconsciously you know she must be aware,
And yet somehow the author successfully manages to draw it out.

Suspense building appropriately,
Well into chapter five,
Until suddenly the moment arrives,
In and of itself seemingly uneventful considering,
Or more accurately,
And yet –

As her small son’s held to standing in front of her,
Fighting his sadness over a chubby tear sodden face,
Strapped up in hard red plastic boots,
To feet that won’t do their job intended.
For the very first time.
Proves to be her catalyst.

The sting of the acronym AFO sits like a swear word on her lips.
Knowing it the first of many special aids,
That scream out you failed him at birth,
And it slaps across her proud yet fragile cheek.
The bold writing on the wall,
Which she sees as if in neon at night,
Hears it loud and clear, as if boomed from a megaphone.

And despite her denial,
Is the title of her unintended drama.

My child is disabled.

Non Fiction.


But while she can’t turn her story into a fairy-tale,
Dancing to a happily ever after,
Something beautifully unexpected throws the climax,
From heart wrenching,
To inspirational.
And before her eyes –

Her Astro Boy is born.


End of Chapter Five.