ears nose mouth teeth and tongue

by thankfeldenkrais

The awareness of the body,
And connecting Isaac to his,
Is ongoing.

The recognition of pelvis as a stable base in sitting,
While a movable component for transitioning is reinforced daily.

To shift weight,
Sit to stand,
Climb steps,
Reach for objects,
Is a constant reminder of how he can utilise all of himself effectively,
Without undue effort,
As I now understand the more effort he uses the more debilitated he becomes,
And thus spirals into even more effort required to perform tasks.
As over recruitment of muscles,
And generally the wrong muscles particularly for kids with CP,
Is ever present.
And requires regular input to break the vicious cycle.

Thrilled am I, that he has become aware of some many lost parts of himself,
To be near independently pulling from sit to stand,
Climbing soft stairs with alternating legs,
To taking his awareness, and our encouragement for backwards,
On board and now confidently rocking forwards and back on all fours.

But it never stops there.
Our way of life rolls round like a nursery rhyme on repeat,
But in slightly different melodies.

The eternal song is awareness.
And the music must keep his interest,
Or nothing will connect.

Our daily routine is a rehearsal for the real performance.
And what he will need to participate.

He climbs stairs to the lounge for story time,
Instead of being lifted.
We show him how to turn from high kneeling into sitting,
And back again, again, again.
We prompt him to point with one hand then the other.
He plays the piano daily and I bask in the reaction of joy it brings him, while it connects him to his feet by contacting the stool below – Demonstrates how this can help take pressure off his pelvis – and lets him come forward to see his toes.
We play horse rides across our leg at playtime, jiggling him up and down with glee, Changing his equilibrium, and showing him he can rest his top half, and feel his weight going through his bottom as his base.
He rides a baby trike to breakfast time, breaking up his constant mode of transport of crawling -Encouraging him to push through his feet,
But also with handlebar turning eliminated to reduce variables in movement beyond his capabilities – but has the ride just precarious enough to invoke self preservation – a life skill necessary for protection, the ability to correct ones movement.

And we chose our moments, and we always ask him for permission.

And we repeat.
So driven my his eagerness to succeed,
He relishes the familiar tasks,
The chance to try and try again until he gets it right.
We expose him to everything,
And see what steals his attention –
And then figure out a way to use that to his best developmental advantage.

My tone deaf ears sing This Little Piggy like groundhog day,
But his bright eyes engage despite being out of key,
And together we create a relationship between the song and his feet and toes.
Soon enough he begins to take the lead,
Grabbing at his feet and toes;
Prompting me to sing him the familiar rhyme,
Through tears of joy that he has once more connected to another part of himself,
And increased his range of motion through knowledge not stretching.

Our sing songs progress to Head, Shoulder Knees and Toes,
Which we add the verses of ears, nose, mouth, teeth and tongue –
With him obliging by pointing to the corresponding body part.
Knowing them a feat in itself,
And being able to show me where they are,

He may not have speech yet,
But he certainly has language.


While there’s no break in commitment,
There’s breakthroughs to fuel me.

And that moment where he pushes backwards on his bike for the first time by himself,
Just proves every adjustment to my life,
Is worth it,
For the improvements in his.