the value of

by thankfeldenkrais

To do anything,
We attach meaning to it,
A value,
And receive reward.

We acted with purpose,
And despite how seemingly subconscious it is for most,
It’s something we all need to learn.

And for those like Isaac with an interrupted nervous system,
His cerebral palsy –
The process of discovering the value of,
Is possibly the most imperative lesson of all.
To be given the instruments to discover –
And for us to capitalise on it,
Becomes the most incredibly powerful tool,
In learning.
Thus in movement.

And so we do this round the clock,
Subtly so it doesn’t seem intrusive,
Or threatening.
No force,
We still follow his lead.

An extension of his body awareness,
Negotiating space, movement, cause and effect –
Through the value of.
And reaping the reward.

In practice;
Aiding his crawl off a mattress head first,
Sees him discover the value of his arms,
To take his weight at decent,
To avoid landing on his head.

If he only ever crept across the floor,
He would have no chance to discover he has two effective hands,
As one always required to weight bare in support,
So he must transition to sitting,
And in that sitting he discovers both the value of sitting 
Something seemingly useless to him until he connects it to having access to arms – Plural.
And the opportunity to discover the value of having two hands.

Effective in their trial and error.
The value of free arms,
And what two hands can achieve for him,
Help feed the link,
Cement the association,
And fundamentally add value to the actions involved.

And so it all becomes an inter-connected relationship,
Of meaning,
Of value,
Attached to action,
A negotiation of the body –
And how we move ourselves according to the task we wish to perform.

And to have your body complete the task you wish –
What joy!
Something I pledge never to take for granted again.

And the beautiful by-product,
Is the more readily it becomes in action –
The less concentration and effort is required,
And therefore the more parts of the body are free to do other things.
And the more he does,
The more he can learn.
And the more he learns,
The more he can do.

And so the skill base expands like air into a glorious ability-balloon,
With no burst point insight (I hope with all of my heart).