by the power of touch

by thankfeldenkrais

In the quiet more can be discovered,
With hushed tones,
Full body weight resting in my arms,
Relaxation upon him,
He connects.

Opening up the neural pathways to see a whole new self,
Where limbs are more than supportive appendages,
A functionality exists,
A purpose is unwrapped.

Sensory feedback awakening in the stillness.

By stroking his palms,
Turning his hands over in mine,
Extending the length of each tiny finger,
Objects pressed within his grasp of varying textures and size –
To be a weight, a presence, a feeling.
Tracing along his arms,
His legs,
His toes,
The bottom of his feet,
Dancing a feather across the bridge of his nose,
A rattle across his lips,
And a teething ring in his mouth to feel the taste –
Sending valuable messages via the tongue.

The gentle rise and fall of his chest hums,
As his gaze filters beyond the tangible.
He is mesmerised.

Making him aware of himself without movement.

The results surprise me,
Like a trick,
I didn’t pay close enough attention to,
And missed how the magic happened.

The accuracy of his grasp,
Noticeably improved,
Awareness extended to extremities.

All by the power of touch.