cold quiet day in june

by thankfeldenkrais

It’s a cold quiet day in June,
And turmoil ever present,
As anti seizure medications still shift on a sliding scale,
The lack of weight gain heavy in my arms,
And the constant fear of Isaac’s future ripe in the air.

Then to take my breathe away in an instant,
Isaac’s one legged commando crawl –
Transforms to two!

Both little legs bending up,
Shifting weight,
Symmetry yet to have been witnessed,
He finds with grace.

And speed,
As he shuffles purposefully across the wooden floor boards,
Satisfactions glints bright in his eyes,
Proudly showing off his new found coordination.

And I realise,
That it’s moments like these,
That will build along side me,
A link of milestone dominoes.
And I will fight to keep them standing,
To join many many more to the line.
To relish every single one.

And I thank Feldenkrais one more time today.

And it permits me to believe,
He will be alright.


And together we can make it.
(Please let me be able to make it)