storm clouds with rainbows

by thankfeldenkrais

If we only had his movement to facilitate,
And could stay on the trajectory without interruption,
It might be a clearer path to follow.

Unfortunately no path with cerebral palsy is straight.

Isaac’s shining star continues to glow,
Circle block goes through circle holes,
Switch buttons pressed knowingly to release joy of reaction,
Key word signs enters our world to help exchange meaning.

The more he learns,
The more capable he becomes at learning,
The more he moves,
The greater his learning capacity becomes.

If only we didn’t have interruptions.

It’s a battle from every angle,
And we spin in circles to rectify each one.

Turning his little face away from a spoon regardless of what food it’s scooped,
He just isn’t interested.
A tummy ached by medications,
Interrupted by reflux,
A system unable to clear its waste,
Leaves him at wars with nourishment.

As a solution more medication is offered,
And I begin to wonder when does the vicious cycle end?

He’s not himself,
But options aren’t upon us –
Reliant on medication,
With its list long side effects,
Remedied by more medication,
With side effects of its very own.
Medication to counter medication.
It is no wonder he turns away from food,
And a miracle he’s still eager to learn.

Clarity of body,
And of mind,
Is what I crave for him.
For myself.
So we can stop fighting for every round,
And start to flow into a happier future.

We continue to ask so much of him.

I only hope he knows how much we appreciate it,
How we admire him,
For his determination,
His strength,
His unwavering zest for life.
And one day knows why we do what we do,
For him,
For his future,
For freedom,
For independence.


If life can’t be easy for him,
And a lump rises in my throat at the brutal truth,
Then I promise you we’ll make his world a wonderland.
In desperate attempt to counter the storm clouds with rainbows.