not just the destination

by thankfeldenkrais

I’m dancing between taking the lead,
And being lead.
Instinctively gripping desperately on to control,
But knowledge forcing my fingers to pry open,
To loosen the reigns.

It is imperative that Isaac initiate all of his movement.
And for us to simply assist.
No good will come of forcing him into a position,
Or moving him before he is ready.
Slow everything down.

Climbing steps,
Wait until he attempts to pull his knee up,
And while he is trying –
Then we help by holding at the tailbone,
Tucking his bottom under,
Shifting his weight to the stabilising knee,
And then his knee will pull easily forward.

This applies to all activities,
He needs to find a way,
And sit with the feeling of a new position a while,
Getting the sensation of how it feels,
And then slowly transitioning into the next movement.

We straddle quietly over a bolster,
Narrow enough to avoid splaying his hips.
Feet feeling the ground,
Arms forward resting to his bookshelf,
The drive to reach his stories,
Rocking endlessly to free his pelvis – to feel the weight moving around –
This is where he feels how to come forward,
From a secure place,
And by the forward motion –
Only then can he push or pull to stand.

And he does.

He initiates the movement,
And we facilitate its completion.


Once in standing it’s a “nose over toes” principle,
To avoid any thrusting backwards.

But even before he stands tirelessly,
He needs the apprenticeship of hours of rocking on his knees.
This is how he will establish an idea of height transition – propulsion from ground upwards,
We don’t just appear in standing –
We continue to face the how to get there –
Not just the destination.

And we create the environment to help facilitate his journey.

His home is his playground.
Through play he learns.
How we facilitate his play,
Will help shape his future.

This I can control,
I sigh out in relief.

And go full steam ahead in modifying his surroundings.